Our Team

What We Offer

At Hi, we’re creating software which changes the way social is defined and provide innovative new ways for users to share and connect with one another. Our philosophy on design is to create the best user experience while ensuring users are respected.

Our goals are to develop the most comprehensive and high quality apps for free which will create a radical shift in the industry from high abuse from longstanding competitors who will be unable to adjust their position given their significant requirements for squeezing the last drop out of users to maximise advertising revenue while users are abandoning their software to go to better and more respectful companies.

With an emphasis on excellent quality at no cost while maintaining complete privacy, here are a few of our products:

Where We Are

We’ve offices in San Francisco and Boston USA, and Sydney Australia filled with incredible people. If you’re interested in working with us, providing feedback on what we’re doing or just wondering if we can somehow work together, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.

Our Story

Founded in 2011, Hi Technology, Inc. is a privately owned and operated corporation with global operations encompassing studios located in Boston, San Francisco, New York and Sydney. The company, created to develop new ways for consumers to share and connect, has released an audio-enabled social sharing app for iOS and Android which allows users to create and share VoicePhotos — images attached to high definition audio recordings. With VoicePhotos and other features that combine the best capabilities of modern devices with popular social content, Hi delivers a consistent but flexible social experience. With the release of Hi, privacy is in the hands of the users to control in an ad-free environment that’s changing the way social is defined.